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Registration now open for OPPA's Annual Psychiatric Update!

April 13-14, 2024, Marriott University, Columbus

Psychiatry has undergone notable expansion in recent years, characterized not only by innovative advancements in treatment interventions but also by an increased propensity for inclusion, engagement with the wider society, self-critique, introspection, and a conscientious reevaluation of conventional wisdom. The 2024 Annual Psychiatric Update by OPPA, “Re-imagining Mental Health: Innovations and Insights in Psychiatry” takes place in this context.

Clinicians, researchers, educators, and trainees are invited to gather for a scholarly and accessible discussion of vital subjects, including lessons in suicide prevention, the science of placebo effects, health care inequities, progressive approaches to harm reduction in involuntary care, advances in psychopharmacological management of depression and post-partum depression, nuanced examination of the ramifications of marijuana legalization on mental health, and erudite reflections on an important episode from the history of psychiatry. This conference is designed to foster thoughtful reflection into the complexities of mental health care and to enrich your psychiatric practice.

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